Q: What is the room capacity? 
A: The room capacity in total is 175 people.

Q:What types of tables and chairs are available?
A: They measure 108 inches around or fit 74 inch round tablecloths. There are long tables available for caterers or head tables.

Q: Who sets up the room for my event (catered vs. uncatered)?
A: A catered event is set up and broken down both by your caterer. It is their responsibility to remove trash, stack chairs in stacks of ten, turn down the thermostat, and clean up the room. An uncatered event has tables set out with chairs in stacks for the amount of people expected for the event. The cleanup, garbage removal, and stacking of chairs is the responsibility of the renter.

Q: Can we use the Pool during our rental? 
A: No. The pool is for exclusive use of Club Members. Club members who are
renting the Clubroom may not use the pool and come and go from the pool to
the Banquet Hall during the event.

Q: What color scheme is the room? 
A: The room is a neutral shade and can accommodate any type of decoration.

Q: Is there a dance floor? What size is it?
A: Yes, there is a brown and white tiled 20 x 25 foot dance floor.

Q: Can we have our wedding out in front of the room on the lawn? 
A: You may arrange to have your wedding or an outdoor tent out in front of
the room on the lawn. However, there will be an extra fee of $50.00 for this

Q: When can we get in to set up for our event?
Your caterer will be allowed in the morning of the event, 3 hours before it starts. Other arrangements are possible for early in the day events for additional fees.

Q: Is there a bridal or dressing room?
A: There is no bridal room.

Q: Is there a coat closet?
A: Yes, there is a large (walk-in) coat closet.

Q: Can I get a drawing of the room to scale?
A: We are working on this…

Q: Can members rent the room for a reduced rate?
A: Because our rates are comparable to the surrounding area, we do not offer a reduced rate for members.

Q: Can nonmembers rent the room?
A: Yes, anyone can rent the room facilities. It is not necessary to be a member of the club to rent the room.

Q: Can I bring my own caterer?
A: Yes, you can use any licensed caterer as long as they are approved ahead of time. Caterer’s license must be on record.

Q: What caterers do you work with or recommend?
A: Our website lists the caterers that have been to our facilities and who we recommend.

Q: What equipment is in the kitchen? 
A: Our kitchen is a full facility kitchen available for the use by a licensed caterer.

Q: Can we use the kitchen if we do not have a caterer?
A: No, the kitchen is for use by licensed caterers only.

Q: What are the fees?
A: Check for Current rates

Half the amount is needed at contract signing and is non-refundable. The balance, $250.00 security fee, and cleaning fee is due 30 days before the event. (Check the website for current updated fees.)

Q: What types of decorations are allowed?
A: Any table or floor decorations can be used in the room. Tape on the walls or floor is discouraged. Candles lit in the window are not allowed; battery operated candles are a great idea for windows.

Q: How can I check availability?
A: Our online calendar shows availability of the room. Room rentals are confirmed when a contract arrives with the non-refundable deposit of half the amount of the full rental price.

Q: Can I rent the room for meetings without a caterer?
A: Call to inquire about hourly rental for meetings without a caterer.

Q: Are there handicap bathroom facilities and entrance?
A: Yes, handicap bathroom facilities are available and our entrance has no steps.

Q: What requirements should I be aware of if I am renting the room myself (instead of through a caterer)?
When you rent the room yourself (not through a caterer), you must obtain a liability rider on your homeowner’s insurance for the required insurance coverage.

Still Have Questions?

For additional inquiries, contact the Banquet Hall Manager.